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The Shepherd's Refuge Caretaker's Cabin plans are in place
Here we are at summer again and the retreat is buzzing with guests and the remaining days of the year are filling up fast. We have been actively moving forward on several of our projects over the past few months as outlined by the Board of Directors.

We are in the planning stages of the new Caretakers Cabin with building plans basically completed and site clearing has started. Permitting and other requirements are also underway as we plan the next steps necessary to provide for our guests and their needs.

We held a workday in May which helped clean up some of the property, opened the vista for a better view of the mountains and removed some of the winter storm debris that the trees left behind.

We are seeking more partners who can help support God’s plans for this ministry, and we know that God will touch those who can help meet the financial requirements. His provision will be the guiding light for future development and fulfillment of those needs.

These are challenging times and there are so many hurting and struggling pastors, ministry leaders and missionaries who need a quiet place to retreat to. Oftentimes, we don’t think of our clergy and other ministerial support staff who are exhausted and need a time to relax, reflect, rebuild and renew. Shepherds Refuge is that place. Our prayer is that God helps us focus our efforts to meet as many of their needs as possible.

Thanks to each of you who support this ministry, together we can truly make a difference!
Harry Moats
Chairman of the Board

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