Ministry Statistics


At Shepherd's Refuge, we provide a 'Secret Place' where spiritual leaders can escape the 'tyranny of the urgent' and pause to take a breath. In the secluded mountain setting, they are given a chance to renew their commitment that they saw and felt so clearly years before. They need moments to reflect to remember why they heeded this calling and how they can continue in their profession as spiritual mentors. At this private refuge, we give leaders the tools to be still and to do necessary soul maintenance to prevent the crisis of burnout.

There is a critical need for renewed vision and energy to assure leaders they can successfully return to their flock.


have experienced some form of burnout

Over 85%

have never taken a sabbatical


believe their pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families


of ministry spouses feel left out and unappreciated by their churches

Shepherd's Refuge | Ministry Statistics


report being extremely or highly stressed


fight depression and more than half that amount would leave the ministry if they could find another profession


do not meet regularly with an accountability person or group


of pastors do not take a regular day off


On average, seminary trained pastors last only five years in church ministry.

Our Mission

To foster an environment of solace, refreshment, and
restoration for the Lord’s frontline servants.

Our Vision

Strong spiritual leaders with renewed vigor and purpose.

Our Values

Godly Principles • Relationships • Confidentiality
Nurturing • Restoration


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